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THEN: Rack Builders, Inc. is a four-year-old, 50-employee maker of high-end warehouse racking systems.  Rack Builders is really good at building racks, and prides themselves on customer service. Problem is, 50,000 SKUs and multiple spreadsheets forced them to retype or copy-and-paste, a process that was arduous and slowed down everything!

NOW: G-Tekk installed a FileMaker Pro based quoting system: a single solution that stores everything that once was spread across countless spreadsheets, several desktops and a cloud based server. Our FileMaker Pro solution brings it all together so anyone, anywhere can quickly pull everything needed for a fast, accurate quote. 

G-Tekk’s Solution:
Decreased time to quote
Increased collaboration
Easy updates anytime, anywhere, by anyone
Data that is maintained forever
Remote data access
Quote-to-Order conversion with no retyping

G-Tekk’s Solution also provides statistical and historical data, allowing Rack Builders to see who’s quoting what, how many quotes are made or in process and which customers are getting quotes and not buying. It also shows the ratio of quotes to orders, what’s being sold and to whom.

THE FUTURE: Using G-Tekk and FileMaker Pro, Rack Builders is ready for the next step: to see into the future in real time. G-Tekk’s solution provides Rack Builders with scalability and, if desired, the ability to run their entire business using FileMaker Pro!


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